Habitation Lagrange Martinique Marigot Caribbean Hotel
Habitation Lagrange

Habitation Lagrange

in Le Marigot Martinique French Antilles

Le Marigot
Martinique, Le Marigot, Caribbean
One of the most unusual and historic properties Habitation Lagrange Martinique, this hotel lies in isolation about 2km (1 1/4 miles) north of the village of Le Marigot.

Habitation Lagrange Martinique in Marigot

Definetely a place you must see in this French West Indies Caribbean Island.

About 2km (1 1/4 miles) inland from the coast, it was originally built in 1928 as part of the last sugar plantation and rum distillery on Martinique.

Today, the ruins of that distillery rise a short distance from the Louisiana-style main house.

Just like entering into a historic movie, all the remains of the plantations, and the ones that still works, will put you into a different time and place in time.

This hotel is superior in style and class to Leyritz, to which it bears some resemblance.

This unusual accommodation is  18th Century Creole Mansion that was formerly part of a large sugarcane plantation.

And a distillery making some Rum the same that put the life in many caribbean parties since many years ago.

There´s a scenic drive leading to this great Accommodation, then you will find yourself to a 17 room lodge that welcomes you to this piece of Caribbean history.

Enjoy it´s sunset and night on it´s terraces, a great time to relax in the Caribbean beside the usual pretty beaches around.

Every room pretty decorated with it´s own charm, a peaceful place to rest or to have a romantic getaway with your loved one.

Enjoy some of the best caribbean food in it´s Restaurant or have a great Rum at it´s bar by the reception.

Taste some of the local and traditional food, a heritage of french cuisine and caribbean mix in every dish.

Relax by the pool, enjoy the surrounding nature, swim a little or just read a great book along with the quiet solitude of the place.

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